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Tired of lugging your pet to the expensive and time consuming vet? Or using underpowered battery or electric drum sanders that just can’t get the job done? And forget the hard to use clippers that can cause bleeding and cracking of the nail.

USE EZY PAWS. The innovative pet nail groomer that is perfect for your dog or cat. Its unique belt design will not grab or pull long hair on dogs, and makes quick work of big dogs with thick nails.

Your pet’s nail uses a “soft spot” in the sanding belt. This provides a comfortable experience for your pet. The direction of the belt can always be away from the nail, ensuring a pain free nail groom. The color coded arrows on the EZY PAW make it simple to have the belt going in the preferred direction.

Sanding belt direction is critical to a painfree nail groom. Only EZY PAWS offers a bi-directional belt!

EZY PAWS comes with a wall mount transformer and ensures ample power to trim all of your pets. Battery powered sanders lack power, run down quickly, and the cost of batteries can be expensive! And the electric ones are no better!

We are sure the EZY PAWS groomer is right for you and your pet or your money back. Guaranteed!



“I hated nail day. It took two people to load Brutus (bad hip) into my van. I used to spend up to 2 hours at the Vet, and Brutus hated getting muzzled. Now he likes getting his nails done by me, and I like using the Ezy Paws Trimmer. Ten minutes and I’m done, and I save a bunch of money”

Jim (Columbus, Oh)



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